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Planning Map

Please note
Please note that the District Council no longer offer planning application data in an open and accessible format. We can no longer map and track applications in Ducklington. This is a shame as we believe that public data should be open and accessible. We have made contact with the District Council in the hope that they change the way they store public data in the future.

These maps show planning applications that are currently undecided or have been given a decision.

Undecided applications

These are applications that have not yet been decided by the Planning Authority. There is no colour code, and all applications are shown.

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No applications exist for this criteria.

Decided applications

These decided applications have been colour coded. Red is rejected, Green is approved, Dark Grey is withdrawn and Light Grey denotes approval not required. This map shows the last 100 applications

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No applications exist for this criteria.

[warning]Applications are shown only where it is possible to geo-encode their address therefore some applications may be missing or inaccurately placed.[/warning]

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